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Cocoon fireplaces are a revolutionary redesign of the traditional fireplace. Created by designer Federico Otero, the cocoon fireplace family provides warmth and radiance to any space, and does so in a fashion that is both environmentally friendly and aesthically eye-popping. The fireplaces use a fuel called Denatured Ethanol (ethyl alcohol). Warmth radiants throughout the room as the fuel burns the main body of the fireplace. The combustion chamber holds 1.5 litres of fuel, providing up to 6 hours of heat. Each unit includes a heat setting, which can be adjusted for comfort.

What makes the cocoon fireplace so attractive, as well as effective, is the intrinsic simplicity of its groundbreaking design. It immediately adds an aesthetically pleasing, sleek, and practical element to any environment. Cocoon Fires offers simplicity, practicality, and functionality, along with effective heating. Installation is simple as well, as all models come fully ready to use. We hope this information helps as you browse our full line of fireplace products. Please feel free contact us with any questions. 

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