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When I founded Latin Touch in 2009 never did I think, in my wildest dreams, that it would become what it is today. I was a professional caterer who had returned to college to finish his degree. I was looking for a way to make extra money while still being able to attend school full time. The business seemed like a perfect fusion of my passion for food, and my desire to further immerse myself within our latin culture. Being raised in Miami the son of a Cuban immigrant, with older brothers and sisters born in Cuba, the tradition of the holiday pig roast was engrained from an early age. To be asked to cook the holiday meal was something of a right of passage within the family. And it was with this privilege that my love of cooking, and more specifically roasting and grilling, was born. After years of catering large events with the Caja China, I felt that I had gained an uncommon expertise and familiarity with the roasters.

During my junior year, I decided to turn my passion into a business, and "Latin Touch" an online marketplace for grilling products and accessories with a nod toward hispanic culture and heritage was born. I believe that the conservation and enhancement of ones culture is one of the most important responsibilities we have as a society, and I love being a part of that. Lots of our time is spent educating consumers on the origins of our products and how they have become the traditions we cherish. If asked what our mission statement is, that would be my response. 

Today, as a new father, I feel that one of the most important lessons I can teach my son Mason is that of charitable giving. Its essential that he understand what others go through, and that he see from an early age that we work hard, and we give back. That is why we have begun giving our time and, in some cases, prepared foods to our friends at places like His House and the Wounded Warrior Project. These are charities I became familiar with in college as a student working on group projects. Now, they represent perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of what we do. 

We are grateful to have fostered relationships with brands such as Badia Spices, Goya, La Lechonera, La Caja China, Jack Daniels, Guinness, Bene Casa, and many other amazing partners. The list of hotels, restaurants, and caterers employing Latin Touch products continues to grow, and can be viewed on our "Who's Using the Caja China?" page. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. I can be reached directly at (305) 967-3020. 


Mat Masters, President

Latin Touch, Inc.