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What are the dimensions of the box, and how big of a pig can I cook?

Our 70 lb China Box measures 48 x 24 x 20" and will roast up to a 70-80 lb live pig, lamb, or goat.

Our 100 lb La Caja China & Caja Asadora models (with the exception of the SP Models) measure 48 x 24 x 24" and will roast up to a 100 lb live pig, lamb, or goat.


How long will it take to arrive after I order it?

We pride ourselves in shipping our boxes within 1-2 business days. Estimated shipping times can be found on our  shipping policy page. 


Does the box ship assembled?

With the exception of the SP-150 and SP-300 models, your new roaster comes unassembled and requires basic assembly which usually takes about 30 minutes.


How much charcoal do I need to roast a whole pig?

You will typically need approximately 2 1/2 16 lb. bags.



How do I clean my roaster after using it?

We recommend spraying all metal areas with degreaser and rinsing with soap and water. Allow to dry.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions! We look forward to answering any and all questions you may have. Thank you for shopping with us at Latin Touch!



How do I find a whole pig?  You may not have to look any further. Here at Latin Touch, we sill soon be selling your pork needs with a 3-5 business day delivery service. More details will be coming soon.


How much meat do I need to feed X number of people? We would recommend that you plan about 1/4 of meat per person if you are having a large party. Remember that a 100 pound live pig is 72 pounds dressed. If you are still unsure, figure 1 pound of raw meat person, there will be plenty of leftovers.


What is the cooking process in La Caja China or La Caja Asadora like? First you would want to marinate or season your pig and then refrigerate it for 24 hours allowing it to come to room temperature (you want the pig to be as close to room temperature as possible, this shortens cooking time). Once the pig is ready, place it inside the box and cover the pig with 2 sheets of aluminum foil. Be windful of whether conditions as this may affect the cooking time if it is too windy or cold. Also, lifting the top of the caja china can add up to 15 minutes of cooking time. Once the pig has reached serving temperature and the skin is crisped to your liking, make sure to rest the pig anywhere for 30 minutes to an hour (don't worry the meat will still be hot) outside the box tinted in foil.


What is the cleanup process? For the grill grates, you would want to flip them over and set them directly onto the remaining coal after cooking. That any gunk left on the grill will harden and be eaiser to scrub off. With the internal meat racks, just spray Pam or a Pam-like product before use and cleaning will be easy. To clean the inside chamber, the best way would be to scrub the box with a hot soapy water abd then use a combination of bleach and water after.


How should I prepare the pig before roasting? For a whole pig try using some dry rub, but pork benefits from both marinating and brining. The injection moistens and flavors the deep muscle tissue while the marinade add flavors to the exterior of the meat and to the skin.