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Now featuring La Caja China grills! We offer sizes for roasting up to a 100 lb. pig at the best prices anywhere! Our La Caja Asadora is also found in our Caja China Roasting Box grills category where you find our brand new pig roasters (aka hog roaster) currently on sale for just $219. Looking to cook a whole roast pig ? Perhaps a Cuban pig roast?

We guarantee the best price on our pig roasting box anywhere! Our Caja China style grill, also called a “Cajun Microwave,” or “Caja Asadora” functions like a la caja china box and has the same dimensions and cooking capacity, but costs over $100 less! Click on the image below for all the details, including our hog cooker cooking times and instructions page, and a page devoted to some delicious La Caja China or La Caja Asadora recipes! Make sure to create your account with us to receive product and pricing updates as they happen!

Shop Latin Touch has the best La Caja China roasters, pig roasting boxes and cajun microwaves for Spanish, Cuban, Cajun, and good old American style cooking. We also have La Caja China replacement parts & accessories, heavy duty vinyl covers, digital meat thermometers, domino tables, gazebos, and more.

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