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Latin Touch

Reheating BBQ

Reheating BBQ ~Chef Perry Perkins~ When I BBQ, I always like to make more than I need (which is why I love roasting box cooking, so much space!) If I'm doing it for business, I pride myself on never having run out of meat, regardless of how many "unexpected" guests show up. When cooking for myself and my [...]

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Shuwa - (Omani whole roast goat)

Shuwa - (Omani whole roast goat) ~Chef Perry Perkins~ Goat may not be the first thing that comes to mind, when you think about La Caja China cooking, but remember...for much of the world, goat is THE red meat. Not just because it’s what available, but because it’s delicious! Shuwa is a traditional Omani delicacy prepared only on very special [...]

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Cheap Cuts

Cheap Cuts ~Chef Perry Perkins~ In my not-so- humble opinion, one of the great unsung cuts from the noble cow is the chuck roast. The chuck contains a lot of connective tissue, including collagen, which partially melts during cooking. Meat from the chuck is usually used for stewing, slow cooking, braising, or pot roasting. It is particularly popular [...]

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The Basics of Brining

The Basics of Brining ~Chef Perry Perkins~ In cooking, brining is a process similar to marinating, in which meat is soaked in brine before cooking. Brining makes cooked meat moister by hydrating the cells of its muscle tissue before cooking, via the process of osmosis, and by allowing the cells to hold on to the water while they are cooked, [...]

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Brining vs. Injecting

Brining vs. Injecting ~Chef Perry Perkins~ Brine, because of the salt content, will give greater flavor than a marinade, the salts open the proteins in the meat and they absorb more moisture, so brined meat will be juicier after cooking. (And more forgiving to over-cooking!) Personally, I think that pork benefits best from both marinating and brining. Think of it [...]

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About Barbeque Mops

About Barbeque Mops ~Chef Perry Perkins~ Barbecue "Mops" or basting sauces, are typically thin, vinegar-based liquids that are applied to meats during the slow cooking process of traditional barbecue, to keep the meat moist and add flavor. Tomato juice, vinegar, apple cider, beer, citrus juices, or a combination of the above, are typical ingredients. Mops have been used [...]

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Argentine Grilled Tri-Tip

Argentine Grilled Tri-Tip ~Chef Perry Perkins~ Argentines eat more beef per capita than any other country’s citizens, and when they cook it outdoors, they always do it over wood to infuse the meat with deep, smoky flavor. You’ll need an instant-read thermometer to know when the tri-tip has reached a perfect medium rare. The tri-tip is a triangular [...]

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How I do Brisket

How I do Brisket ~Chef Perry Perkins~ This method is my adaptation of Aaron Franklin's style (hey, he's the best, right?) Starting with a full 10-12 pound brisket (called a "Packer Brisket") and using a rub consisting of: 1/4 cup sea salt 1/4 cup Hickory salt 1/3 cup coarse black pepper 1/3 cup granulated garlic First, I mix all of the rub ingredients [...]

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Stalls & Crutches

Stalls & Crutches ~Chef Perry Perkins~ Here’s a couple of tip about BBQ that you don’t often hear about outside of the pit-smoker community, but have stimied many a novice in their attempts at brisket and pork shoulders. The Stall The stall is a mysterious event that occurs when the internal temperature hits 160-165F, when the gradual rise in [...]

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Summer's Coming...Get Ready for It! - Part II

Summer's Coming...Get Ready for It! - Part II ~Chef Perry Perkins~ Last time, we looked at some important steps in gearing up for BBQ season. Things like organizing your cooking area, cleaning, and setting up a “safe zone. Here are a few more important tips to make sure that your Caja Station is tuned up and ready to turn out [...]

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