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Latin Touch

Barbecue and Grilling Tips: Cooking the Perfect Rotisserie Chicken

Last time we learned how to assemble the La Caja China Rotisserie kit. Now, let’s use that baby to cook up some of the best chicken you’ll ever eat!We’re going to brine these birds first to lock in moisture and flavor, add whole lemons for aroma, and then let them self-baste as they turn slowly over hickory coals on our Caja China [...]

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How to Assemble the La Caja China Rotisserie Kit

otisserie cooking suspends food over hot coals on slowly rotating rod, which allows meat to cook evenly and self-baste, which means that the meat is constantly coating itself with its own juice. Of course, some drips but that fat hitting the hot coals below adds a ton of flavor to your chickens. Rotisserie cooking has been used for everything from [...]

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Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita pibil is a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the Yucatán Peninsula.Preparation involves marinating the meat in strongly acidic citrus juice, coloring it with annatto seed, and roasting the meat while it is wrapped in banana leaf.Traditionally, cochinita pibil was buried in a pit with a fire at the bottom to roast it. The [...]

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How to Create Your Own BBQ Rub

What is a Rub?A Rub is a spice and/or herb blend that’s used to coat meats prior to cooking. Rubs can be completely dry or can incorporate some liquids. This is called a wet rub or paste. Rubs are typically used in barbecue and grilling because they stick to the meat whether it’s on a gas grill, a smoker, [...]

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4 Ways to Make Your BBQ a Memorable Family Event

Ever since the first whole hog got trussed up over a fire, barbecue and grilling have been a staple of North American living.For many of us, grilling is a routine mealtime activity, while for the most devoted grillers, summer is ruled by massive barbecue parties. But you don’t have to choose between boring repetition and crazy get-togethers: every barbecue can [...]

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Cuts of Pork (and what to do with them...) Part II

Last time, we talked about a few of the popular cuts of pork for the grill and bbq. Here are a few more…Pork Belly PorchettaBellyHugely popular in the culinary world right now, pork belly, starts out from the underside or the belly of the pig. Belly doesn’t mean “stomach”, but the layer of meat and fat on the underside of [...]

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Cuts of Pork (and what to do with them...) Part I

Pork (meat from a domestic pig) is the most eaten animal protein in the world. Humans have been raising pigs for food since 5000 BC, eating it both fresh and preserved in various ways, most often by curing. Pork is especially prized in Asian cooking for its fattiness and luxurious texture. Over the last half-century, pigs have been [...]

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Planning your Whole Pig Roast

Planning your pig roast includes determining hog size, knowing your guest count, where to buy a pig, cooking options, times, and the gear you’ll need. Including, of course, your Caja China roasting box.After roasting many, many pigs, here’s the information and list I use every time I roast.Where Do I Find Whole Roasting Pigs?The two easiest places I’ve found in [...]

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Smoking With Your A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker

From novices to BBQ experts, you may have heard at one point or another someone mention a little bit about smoking meats and other foods. What some of them don’t tell is that there are 2 types of smoking. Cold Smoking is the process of adding wood smoke flavor to food without exposing it to heat, while maintaining temperatures below 100º F. [...]

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Holiday Turkey Roast ala La Caja China

Whether your family is small or large, getting together for Thanksgiving always leaves us with great memories and a sense of fulfillment…in hunger! The tradition has always been a frozen turkey with marinade and stuffing, then placing it inside your kitchen oven for an extreme amount of hours and watching some football while you wait for your dinner. As [...]

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