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Whole Pig Roast Instructions for Electric BBQ Rotisserie Spit

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Cooking in rotisserie is one of the meat cooking’s healthiest way. The results from cooking in rotisserie is usually very tender and juicy meat, being packed with all the flavors that you would want to infuse into the meat before you cook it. And because rotisserie cooking, whether it is a charcoal rotisserie or an electric BBQ rotisserie, is requiring only a little or no oil at all, it will be a way to actively reduce the amount of fat that you can get from your food. We all love food but we also want to keep healthy and lean and rotisserie cooking will allow you to do that comfortably in your home, anytime you want.

There are varieties of rotisserie smokers for sale that you can choose from if you like to roast. An electric BBQ rotisserie spit will be best for a whole pig roast and it is an appliance that is counter-top which helps you in roasting a whole pig evenly and quickly. This way, you will know how to cook in an electric rotisserie will be an excellent experience and convenient for the entire family best for a unique and fun party or special events and occasion.

You will first have to place the electric BBQ rotisserie into a flat surface for over 2 to 4 inches away from any wall or any other objects approximately. You may also use a charcoal rotisserie for some fun manual cooking experience. The exterior of either of the two types of rotisserie will be heating up when you cook and may cause any damage if it will be placed flushed with any object or appliance or with any wall in your surroundings. You can then place support tray that is rotating into the drive shaft at the rotisserie’s base. The support tray is somewhat a circular rack that is used in supporting the drip pan and turning the food in your electric BBQ rotisserie.


Attach the whole pig to the appropriate rack. You can find various rotisserie smokers for sale to know the appropriate or your desired size and design as well as the type. The whole pig should be pushed down into the roasting rack to be able for the rack will be skewering the meat in various places. You can also place vegetables and other meats in the food basket. Then, place the drip pan in the electric BBQ rotisserie’s bottom. As it was attached to the roasting rack place the whole pig directly into the drip pan. The food basket is going to be lowered into the roasting rack and will then be setting into place on the drip pan.

The next step would be to set the electric BBQ rotisserie to the indicated temperature in the recipe that you will prepare. Touch or press the start and stoop button to start cooking. Set the timer to the cooking time that you desire. You may stop the rotisserie manually as you press the start and stop button and hold it down for about 2 seconds. Use pot holders in removing the ford from the electric BBQ rotisserie and you need to be careful because the racks will be really hot. You may also buy some rotisserie accessories in the market for more fun and convenient rotisserie cooking. 

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