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Latin Touch: Beef Rib Worksheet

Posted by Chef Perry P. Perkins on

Latin Touch Beef Rib Worksheet

~Chef Perry Perkins~

Beef Ribs may not be the pit-master’s sweetheart that pork ribs are, but these "dinosaur bones" of beefy goodness make for awesome barbecue, and they're often a great deal at the grocery store, as well.

Like pork ribs, if done wrong they can be tough and stringy, but when done right they're tender, juicy and full of flavor.

Plan on about 3 ribs per person, and you'll have a full and happy crew! Position the roasting box in a safe, well ventilated area (but out of direct drafts). If roasting on the lawn, be sure to water the grass well before cooking, just in case. Remove one of the top end rails for ventilation.

Allow prepped ribs (recipe below) to come to room temp, then lay them across the bottom rack, face down in the box (photo is face up, to show off the ribs, but you want them bone-side up).

Place one of the top grills over the center of the briskets, light your loaded A-Maze-N Smoker and place it on top of the top grill, over a small piece of foil to protect the bottom from moisture.

Close the lid, add 16 lbs. of charcoal for model #1 or 20 lbs. for model #2, divided into two piles, and light up. At 30 minutes, spread coals over surface. Cooking time starts now.

Start Time: ______________________

Roast 1 hour, then add 8 lbs. of charcoal (Time: ______________________)

At 1 hour (cooking time), lift the lid and quickly spritz the meat with a 50/50 mix of apple juice and apple cider vinegar. Tent loosely with foil, close La Caja China, and add another 10lbs of unlit coals.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT PEEK! Only lift the charcoal lid as instructed below.

2 Hours, Time: ______________________

After 2 hours (cooking time), – flip ribs “face up”, mop again, remove the foil, and close the box to brown the top of the ribs. Check every 15 minutes until the ribs are browned to your liking.

*You may want to remove the whole lower rack to serve the ribs. While they shouldn’t be "falling off the bone," a long rack can still split apart at this phase.*

Open the box and remove the top grill and smoker. Wrap the ribs in a double layer of heavy foil and return to the box. Cover the box again with the ash pan and the charcoal grid askew; do not add more charcoal at this time. Let the ribs cook, wrapped like this, for 1 more hour.

Total Cook Time: ______________________

Remove ribs from heat, and set, still wrapped, on the counter and rest 15-20 minutes.

Serve with finishing sauce (warmed) on the side.

My favorite beef rib recipe

6 full beef rib racks, trimmed
1 C dry rub
3 C rib mop.
3 C finishing sauce
2-3 cans of beer

The night before cooking, rub beef ribs and wrap in plastic. Refrigerate 12-18 hours.

Place disposable pans beneath the lower rack and pour a can of beer (or more) into each. There should be at least an inch of beer in each.
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