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Whole Pig Roast Instructions for Electric BBQ Rotisserie Spit

          Cooking in rotisserie is one of the meat cooking’s healthiest way. The results from cooking in rotisserie is usually very tender and juicy meat, being packed with all the flavors that you would want to infuse into the meat before you cook it. And because rotisserie cooking, whether it is a charcoal [...]

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​Where to find a pig for a pig roast

Roasting a whole hog can be considered an ancient tribal ritual that was practiced by people who live in every corner of the world. This form of barbecue is extremely popular in the modern world as well, as people across the globe continue to enjoy the tradition of the pig roast. However, you need to be [...]

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Mouth-Watering Leg of Lamb China Box Recipe

A lot of people only prepare lamb during special occasions simply because it is more expensive than many other cuts of meat. Meanwhile, other people find it hard and difficult to prepare. This mouth-watering Leg of Lamb China Box Recipe is easy to prepare if you have a La Caja China or a La Caja Asadora grill at [...]

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​La Caja China Accessories Guide

Ok, so you are the proud owner of a Caja China. You've roasted a pig every way you can think of, and now you're looking for ways to take your barbecue experience to the next level. I present to you our La Caja China accessories. Keep in mind that whether your roasting box is the [...]

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Pig Roast tips for La Caja China: How to Achieve Hog Roasting Perfection

The tradition of the whole roasted pig goes back, well, probably to around the time man discovered fire. So lets just say it's been around a while. With Spring quickly approaching, and the weather slowly beginning to resemble something other than a scene from Frozen, the rekindling of this timeless tradition is near.You consider yourself [...]

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Caja China Box: Build or Buy?

Some of you might have the idea that building a Caja China is 1) easy, and 2) cheap. Truth is, building a China Box is not as inexpensive as it may seem. Here we will lay out the pros and cons of building a Roasting Box versus buying one:1. Any professional size models are 4’ x 2’ with an [...]

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